• TO of €60m, 900 employees
  • French subsidiary of an American Group
  • B-to-B service provider (communications)

This French subsidiary provides services via six business lines in which it is the market leader.

Human Resources are central to its business in a complex legal context: high turnover, wide range of different contracts, frequent industrial disputes, inadequacy of French labour laws to the business lines in question, etc. The HR Director, who was very focused on the legal aspects of the department but was not sufficiently seen as a Business Partner to operational staff, had recently resigned.


  • To carry out an operational audit of the Human Resources function and approve a new target organisation with the General Management to be totally focused on operational staff, while guaranteeing the legal safety of the operations carried out
  • To establish the new structure


Following a prior analysis of the problem by the Valtus partner and the subsidiary’s General Management, a Valtus HR Director was selected to launch the audit, while the existing HR Director completed her notice period.

After numerous interviews with operational staff and the 14 members of the HR team, the Valtus team presented the audit to the Executive Committee: The results clearly showed that the HR Department was discredited in the eyes of operational staff.

Following intensive work with the HR team and the Management Committee, a new organisation was approved, repositioning HR staff within the company:

  • The HR Director now reported directly to the Chairman, rather than the Administration and Finance Director
  • Two business line HR manager positions were created
  • HR processes and job descriptions were refined
  • HR teams were relocated within the premises to be closer to operational staff
  • The profile of the new HR Director was defined before launching the recruitment process

While these changes were being implemented, the Valtus manager addressed numerous day-to-day subjects with the Human Resources Department’s teams. Five months after the start of the assignment, it was completed with the arrival of the new HR Director.


  • A complete transformation of the HR function, which changed from an “administrative” department to become a real Business Partner recognised by operational staff
  • A team made totally operational with the successful recruitment with an HR Director corresponding to the new organisation and the expectations of the General Management
  • Context:
    Transformation – Performance
  • Function:
    HR Director
  • Industries:
    Services – Consulting
  • Organization:
    Large Companies
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