• Production site of 80 people newly acquired by a CAC40 group
  • Production of strategic components for the Group and for external customers


  • To immediately take over management of the Site to promote the purchaser’s interests
  • To define and implement an industrial restructuring plan to guarantee existing production and prepare for future production
  • To implement the Group’s tools and processes on the site and provide teams with change management support


The Manager selected by Valtus and approved by the purchaser had a wide range of skills, enabling him to be responsible both for day-to-day management of a technical components production site and to define and implement a comprehensive industrial restructuring plan, in line with the Group’s objectives.

Nine months after the start of the assignment, significant results had been achieved:

  • Establishment of an active management committee
  • Establishment of detailed reporting to the Group
  • Detailed management of financial results
  • Daily implementation of the Group’s “Production Way”
  • Regular communications to personnel
  • “In and out” transfer of activities in the new Group’s environment
  • Implementation of the required resources and personnel, in line with the industrial strategy, in order to integrate new projects
  • Preparation of the site for short- and medium-term industrial challenges
  • Integration and support of the new Site Director at the end of the assignment


  • Following a 10-month assignment, the site was completely incorporated into the Group with a high level of workforce commitment
  • Industrial restructuring was well advanced: transfers were complete, investment launched and resources repositioned
  • Production had been secured and the site prepared for future challenges
  • Context:
  • Function:
  • Industries:
    Services – Consulting
  • Organization:
    Large Companies
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