• SEVESO site with 200 employees
  • Manufacture of pharmaceutical active ingredients

The Group’s Quality Department wanted to address the situation of indecisiveness at the site, particularly within the Quality Control laboratory. This situation was largely due to the prolonged absence of the site’s Quality Manager, which had led to disorganisation in the laboratory and cumulative delays in projects to improve the Quality Management System. The teams were by now tired, stressed, although still effective and committed, and needed stability and security to be restored.


  • To re-establish real local management, focused on listening and leadership, in order to reassure and re-incentivise Quality teams
  • To prepare the site’s new organisation, particularly the arrival of a QSE Manager (a newly created position)
  • To optimise the organisation and operation of the Quality Control laboratory in order to support the site’s development


From the start of the assignment, the Valtus Manager focused all his attention on re-establishing team cohesion, the fundamental basis for any collective project. The first three months featured individual meetings, a strong presence on the ground and the development of participative working methods.

Stress factors were therefore quickly eliminated, making it possible to unite teams behind the project to optimise and organise Quality Control. An in-depth audit into the functioning of the site led to implementation of simple but effective actions:

  • Team Building session
  • Establishment of themed working groups
  • Strengthening of inter-departmental communications
  • Promotion of interim management


  • In under three months, this real teamwork coordinated by the Valtus Manager made in possible to present to the Group’s management and employee representative bodies the future organisation of the Quality Department, in line with the company’s strategy and challenges.
  • In terms of long-term benefits, beyond the strict remit of the assignment, a positive working environment was restored in the site’s Quality Department, conducive to efficiency improvements (reduction in absenteeism and productivity gains).
  • The new QSE Manager was able to take up his post under ideal conditions
  • Context:
    Transformation – Growth
  • Function:
  • Industries:
  • Organization:
    Mid-cap Companies
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