Are you looking to give your career a fresh new direction? Do you want to work in a more flexible and independent way? Why not leverage your experience to help companies adapt more effectively to the ever-changing business world? Now is the time to join our vibrant professional community and become a Valtus interim manager. We carefully select all our experts, in keeping with our clients’ specific needs. When completing the online form, uploading your detailed resume and eventually meeting for an interview with one of our Talent Consultants, make sure to be as precise as possible because the quality of the information you share with us will determine the compatibility of your profile with the assignments we can offer you.

The selection process

We pay special attention to how we choose and reference our interim managers. Why? So we can ensure the best fit between our clients’ needs and our interim managers’ objectives.

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Are you about to join our community? The first step will entail a comprehensive analysis of your resume and skill set by our Talent Consultants, who choose and list our interim managers. Be as precise and exhaustive as possible in detailing your experience! Clarify your areas of expertise, especially the most fine-tuned and those which set you apart from the others or might be of particular interest to our clients.

If your profile corresponds to any of our recurring needs, our Talent Consultants may invite you to a personal interview in order to clarify your expertise and expectations. They will also note your references and command of English.

If your profile does not correspond to an immediate need, we will keep your application on file and contact you as soon as possible. The market is constantly changing and the assignments as well as the skill sets needed vary from month to month.

If a specific assignment comes up that fits your profile, we will check if the assignment is of interest to you and if you are available for the requested window. A preliminary meeting will then be set up with the Valtus Partner in charge of the assignment to present a detailed overview of the assignment before meeting with the client, who will make the final selection.

Preparing your candidature

Completing the application form

To become an interim manager at Valtus, it is essential that you complete the registration form with only the most accurate information. The more precise you are, the better we will be able to match you with compelling assignments that strengthen your expertise and meet your expectations.

Interim executive management gives businesses immediate access to the specific expertise they need, when and where they need it.

This is a major added value when implementing strategic projects. But since every client has its own challenges and requirements, we focus on candidates who are genuine experts in their fields, whose profiles clearly correspond to our clients’ exact objectives.

By detailing each and every one of your expertise, you will have a better chance of standing out and getting noticed. Be as clear and explicit as possible to help our Talent Consultants pinpoint the best opportunities for you!

How to create an effective resume
Make the most of your interview
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The questions you might have

Interim manager assignments

No, we do not post assignments on our website. But we do highlight the profiles that are in highest demand or for which we need specific expertise to meet our clients’ particular needs. From time to time, we also invite candidates to join us via social media or employment websites, but without any pressing need for a particular assignment.

Yes, Valtus may be asked to secure more than one interim manager for large assignments that require an array of different skills.

In 2018, 25% of our assignments had an international dimension.

Valtus is by your side all across the globe!

At Valtus, we support all types of businesses in various fields with senior executives in various functions.

Only 10% of our assignments lead to permanent positions. The systematic oversizing of the interim managers’ role and the nature of the assignments (pre-programmed start and end) make it rather unusual to segue into a staff position.

Your down time will depend on our clients’ needs, your mobility and your versatility (the types of roles and industries where you can be most effective). According to a 2016 survey, 62% of our interim managers had less than 6 months of down time over a two-year period.

Yes, that is possible. Some interim managers can, for example, take on two or three assignments, then accept a staff position and then revert back to interim management.

Most assignments start rather quickly: within 5 days of the client’s approval, sometimes even within 48 hours.

Most assignments last about 7½ months, but they can range from 5 to 12 months, except for CEOs, which usually require anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

For your first assignment, our Operational Excellence Team will give you specific guidelines based on our carefully established best practices. They will also give you a reference manual to ensure the first 10 days of your assignment get you safely and smoothly on the path to success.

Our Operational Excellence Team
My relationship with Valtus

By working with Valtus, you will be teaming up with Europe’s leading interim management expert. You will also be able to leverage top-notch guidance and support at every stage of your assignments to ensure the optimal experience every time.

You will have a very close relationship with your Valtus Partner. Depending on the complexity and the stage of your assignment, regular phone meetings will be set up (at least weekly, perhaps even more often). You can contact your Partner at any time for help or advice. Before submitting them to the client, s/he will review your official reports (diagnostic report/update reports/assignment completion report) drawn up in compliance with the Valtus matrix which you will receive.

Indeed! We strongly recommend that you keep us posted on your status and add all new experience or changes (a new permanent position, the launch of a new business, the start of a temporary assignment, retirement, etc.) as often as possible. You can and should update your profile page online, through our Managers Portal.

Our Talent Consultants are in charge of interim manager relations within the Talent Team.

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The interim manager’s status and compensation

Within the framework of your assignment, travel and lodging expenses are reimbursed by the client in accordance with the initial agreement.

The fees paid for each assignment are negotiated directly with your Partner based on the specific type of assignment, length, complexity, etc. so it can vary from one assignment to the next. The rate is generally expressed in price/day excluding any applicable taxes. Please note your latest rate on your profile page to ensure we align our proposals with your expectations.

We provide two solutions for working together:
• If you have an official structure, you can simply invoice us for your time.
• If you prefer to use a portage service, please note that Valtus has negotiated special T&C for our interim managers with two reliable firms – JAM and ITG – with whom we can easily connect you.

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Is executive interim management right for me?

You must have at least 15 years of experience, with a specific skill set and genuine expertise… as well as an entrepreneurial mindset!
You must also be readily available and extremely mobile.

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We proudly encourage loyalty among managers who have successfully carried out missions with us.

Absolutely not! Nearly 60% of our assignments are handled by new members of our community, what we call “first-timers”. You have excellent potential for being chosen.

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