When you decide to work with Valtus, you will benefit from our 15+ years of experience in executive interim management and the rigorous methodology we have fine-tuned over the years. You will have the added advantage of our Partners’ recognized know-how and ongoing support. Within just a few days of your initial request, we will find just the right interim professional to handle your specific needs, anywhere in the world. No matter what business you are in, how big or small your organization may be, public or private, we will help you achieve your goals.

By your side

Being trustworthy, responsive and people-centric are three of the keys to our success. We also have a guiding principle that sets us apart: be by your side every step of the way. Our customer-focused Partners are well-versed in the challenges you face today. They will provide ongoing expert guidance and play a pivotal role in the three-way relationship we build with you and the interim manager chosen for your assignment. Equipped with the carefully adapted tools and rigorous methods we have developed, they guarantee the make sure you get the ongoing support you need from start to finish.

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From blue chips to start-ups, and big multinationals to medium-sized regional companies, from public to private organizations… whatever type of organization you have, we are well equipped to meet your transformation needs. Our Partners and interim managers put their considerable operational experience to work for you to ensure the successful implementation of your strategic projects.

Large Companies

Is your company the parent company or a subsidiary of a large group? Do you need to undertake a major shift to support your growth objectives – merge, divest, open offices abroad? Your expectations are as vast as your challenges. The solution? Interim management that is in line with your company’s specific needs and dynamics.

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Mid-Cap Companies

Is your company opening a new subsidiary in another country? Did you just acquire a competitor to strengthen your expertise and increase market share? Are you launching a digital transformation? Interim management can help you make sure these strategic moves are smooth and successful.

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Are you looking to boost sales or strengthen your company’s performance? Do you need to undertake a digital transformation? An interim manager can help you achieve your objectives today.

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Does your company need to manage its hypergrowth? Are you looking to structure your organization or expand internationally? Choosing to work with an interim manager is a smart way to ensure success at every stage of your development.

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Government & Non-Government Organizations

Is your organization undergoing a major reshuffle or process transformation? Are you planning to merge with another organization to optimize your operations or services? An interim manager can help you make sure these transitions are successful.

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In your specific industry

Thanks to the diversity and complementarity of their careers, our Partners quickly understand the challenges of your industry in general and your company in particular. Manufacturing, construction, distribution, luxury goods, services and consulting… whatever your expertise may be, we will provide the right solution, perfectly adapted to your goals and your organization.


To cope with the increasingly intense global competition, manufacturers are having to make drastic changes. Ensuring extra high performance and a clear competitive edge have become the keys to success, just as new challenges such as ever-changing technological developments, the shift over to digital and the energy efficiency imperative are immerging and becoming essential.

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Real Estate – Construction – Public Works

The building and construction business is experiencing a new boom. But this recovery brings with it economic, technological and regulatory changes that require firms to adapt their business practices, to modernize their processes and to innovate in terms of the services they offer.

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Consumer Goods & Distribution

Changes in consumer habits, digitization, global trade and sustainable development are just some of the challenges affecting the consumer goods and distribution industry. The opportunities are endless and driving the key players to reinvent the way they do business.

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Luxury is a dynamic, increasingly competitive business sector. To stay ahead in this game brands must constantly innovate and offer services that set them apart, while at the same time demonstrating their unique know-how and secure access to the finest raw materials.

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Banking – Finance – Insurance

The traditional world of banking, finance and insurance is undergoing profound change. The advent of the digital age, new regulations and new customer demands are forcing the key players to rethink their business models and operations to create new value.

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Transportation – Logistics

The Transportation and Logistics business is booming. It plays a key role in companies’ ability to compete in today’s international markets. To cope with the globalization of trade and the advent of e-commerce, companies like yours are having to adapt and improve both in terms of services and performance.

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New Technologies

New Technologies, today’s most innovative industry, continues to develop and is a source for growth in many markets. This highly competitive environment, which is constantly evolving, needs leaders with a clear, long-term outlook and extreme adaptability.

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Media – Digital – Entertainment

The media, digital and entertainment businesses have been revolutionized by the recent technologies, consumer habits, shifts in content, etc. The players must constantly reinvent their economic models and innovate on every front to stay ahead of the game.

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Services – Consulting

A wide variety of firms are involved in Services and Consulting, each with their own, complex challenges. But all of them must constantly innovate, adapt to new consumer demands and habits while refreshing and upgrading the customer experience time and time again if they want to succeed.

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Public Authorities & Administrations

Like the private sector, the public sector is undergoing major transformations – digital, regulatory and territorial. There are many challenges involved in spearheading local initiatives, increasing agility and providing more services for the community. Costs must be optimized, operations must be made more efficient, user-friendly CRM tools must be rolled out….

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