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Boosting performance

Have you noticed a slump in your HR, IT, financial or industrial performance? Are you seeing a lack of profitability or flexibility? Perhaps your operations or support functions need bolstering? You need to rethink the way you work, reignite growth and reassure your shareholders. Bringing an interim manager on board might be the best solution.

Your issue

Do you want to improve your company’s profitability, increase the EBITDA or grow the gross profit margin? You’ll need to start by expanding your production capacity or perhaps rethinking your processes, by shifting to a lean management approach, for example. Controlling your costs, time and quality, curbing expenses, optimizing purchases and reducing stocks are also keys to boosting performance. In all cases, gaining greater agility will help you spur growth.

Our solution

External insight is in order here! And that’s exactly what an interim professional offers you. A neutral expert will guide you through the delicate shift into high-performance gear. S/he will start with a precise diagnostic report on your situation and a corresponding action plan to boost your profitability. The assignment may also include establishing new processes that will increase your flexibility, training your teams and guiding them through these transformation phases.

Our expertise

Our approach is pragmatic and operational. Built on in-depth knowledge of our clients’ businesses and challenges, it consistently cultivates results-oriented corporate cultures and processes. After carefully assessing your specific needs, we’ll hand-pick the best fit from our pool of highly qualified interim professionals, the one with just the right leadership skills and proven-effective techniques to drive your business forward. Throughout the entire assignment, this immediately available manager will be backed by your Valtus Partner, a multidisciplinary expert. S/he will also have access to the quality control tools and methods that we’ve honed over the years to ensure your absolute satisfaction. Working in close collaboration with this three-part system you’ll soon be on your way to high performance!

What our clients are saying about us

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    MBWS (Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits) wanted to implement several major shifts at its Polish production sites. MBWS Deputy CEO, Daniel Rougé, asked Valtus to find the best interim COO for the job.
    Function: COO
    Industrie: Consumer Goods – Distribution
    Organization: Large Companies
    Context: International – Crisis Management – Restructuring – Performance
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    David Guffroy : Faced with challenges in implementing the transformation of a factory in Shanghai, Radio Frequency System asked France’s leading interim executive experts at Valtus to help ensure success.
    Function: COO
    Industrie: New Technologies
    Organization: SME
    Context: International – Performance
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    After the CEO and Chief Marketing Officer both left the company, TGV Lyria’s new CEO, Andréas Bergmann, had a serious managerial gap to fill. For the first 100 days, he hired a Valtus interim manager to guide the company through this delicate transition phase and boost performance.
    Function: Sales – Marketing – Communications
    Industrie: Transportation – Logistics
    Organization: Government – NGOs
    Context: Transformation – Performance
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    To cope with a significant drop in annual revenues, a clearly unmotivated sales force and an unstable executive committee, Stanhome International’s CEO, Juan Franco, called upon Valtus’ experienced interim management experts.
    Function: CEO – Managing Director
    Industrie: Consumer Goods – Distribution
    Organization: Large Companies
    Context: International – Performance
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The Valtus Partners, your transformation allies

Thanks to their vast experience in guiding major transformation projects and their cross-industry expertise, the Valtus Partners are genuine business transformation experts. By your side every step of the way, they will ensure your relationship with our interim manager is one built on trust, which paves the path to successful outcomes for all your projects.

Meet our Partners

An assignment with Valtus

Your Valtus Partner will identify your challenges and the means for most effectively reaching your objectives. Then s/he will prepare a specific roadmap, including the right interim manager or the most appropriate options if there is more than one.

The interim manager that you choose to work with will start by creating a diagnostic report of your specific situation and recommended step-by-step action plan which s/he will then implement. You and your interim manager will have regular updates led by your Valtus Partner throughout the assignment to make sure everything remains on track at all times.

Your interim manager, along with your Valtus Partner, will present a final report, which will include his/her recommended next steps. S/he will prepare the files to be handed over to the person who will be taking over his/her role. We will ask you to provide us with a debrief and feedback along with our client satisfaction survey.

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From major corporations to small start-ups, we guide all types of organizations, regardless of their size!

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Our Partners are all experts in multiple fields, so we are well equipped to guide businesses in a wide range of industries.

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