One team, breaking borders: Valtus’s 2023 international seminar

Valtus international seminar 2023
10 Nov 2023


This week, Valtus Alliance members were pleased to attend an international onsite seminar in Gressy, France. For several days, nearly 60 participants from more than 12 different countries came together as One team, breaking borders. This gathering was crafted to strengthen connections and pave the way for continuous international growth, leaving participants delighted to be part of such a purposeful event.


Enjoyable teamwork

The seminar was, above all, a fantastic opportunity to become acquainted and build relationships. Over the course of three days, seminar attendees experienced a dynamic environment of learning and collaboration, engaging in multiple plenary and workshop sessions.

The seminar included presentations and discussions on topics such as:

  • Executive interim management market and competition landscape overview,
  • Improving operational excellence,
  • Understanding local markets (France, Austria, Nordic countries, United Kingdom, South America…),
  • Accelerating cross-border collaboration.

By breaking borders and uniting global teams, Valtus is effectively advancing its international aspirations.

Valtus international seminar plenary session


Understanding the world we live in

Given the ever-evolving landscape of business and leadership in a dynamic world, Valtus invited a guest speaker to share insights regarding The End of Convergence and the Coming Divergence in the World.

About the speaker

Bruno Stagno Ugarte is Chief Advocacy Officer at Human Rights Watch.

“States have been losing some of their influence to non-state actors. I think that businesses and corporations are going to be the ones that will be indispensable actors to ensure that instead of seeing a great divergence popping in, we can see elements of convergence coming back in order to have the bonds that we require to have a world that is more interdependent and hopefully more peaceful.”


Celebrating cross-border success stories

As Valtus carries out a growing number of cross-border interim management assignments, the seminar provided an exceptional occasion to commemorate accomplishments. The onsite event ended with a cross-border award ceremony. 

6 Valtus Alliance countries or team members received an award:

  • Belgium, represented by Accord (a subsidiary of VALPEO),
  • The United Kingdom,
  • Niklas Björkman from Nordic Interim Finland,
  • Claudie Hamerstehl from Valtus France,
  • Austria, represented by Management Factory,
  • France.

Valtus Alliance Cross- border Awards