Executive interim management

Addressing your company’s challenges through Executive Interim Management

Our solution?

Customized guidance by a Valtus Partner – a top-level, multidisciplinary expert – combined with hands-on operational intervention by one of our interim managers – whose skill set has been honed through years of experience in the areas you need most.

Are you looking for a profile and skills that align with your company’s needs? Whatever your challenges, the size of your business or the nature of your activities, we have the right expert for the job: a highly experienced and immediately available executive with experience of interim management.

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What is executive interim management?

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Executive interim management is a tailored, pragmatic, and operational top management solution. Appointed to reach a predetermined result, the interim manager addresses a specific issue. He or she operates within a defined framework for a limited period.

Interim management can be used to address a variety of situations, whether to support the company’s transformation, provide leadership during periods of change, pursue performance goals or turn around crisis-stricken companies.

Experienced interim executives can intervene for a department, a function, or the entire company. When the company lacks the knowledge and experience to achieve the desired result rapidly, an interim executive can quickly assess a situation, implement actions and structure the organization. This ensures immediate implementation of the transformation and sustainable development.

Amidst high pressure to hire top-level executives, combining internal resources with experienced interim executives enables a more effective response to both strategic and operational priorities.

Why use executive interim management?

An experienced executive interim manager brings a fresh, objective perspective to your company and your employees, helping them to tackle your challenges.

Carefully selected to achieve precise objectives within the scope of his assignment, the interim manager conducts an initial assessment and effectively implements the action plan.

Interim management is a high-performance support solution: internally, your teams benefit from support and are strengthened both operationally and in human terms.

Throughout an assignment, skills transfer, know-how and interpersonal skills by the interim manager enables your company to co-create, stabilize and consolidate its transformation, well beyond the assignment’s duration.

With the ability to provide a 360-degree vision, and being versatile, the interim manager considers all the challenges related to his assignment.

What are your current challenges?

Is our company undergoing a transformation and must face challenges to successfully achieve its growth objectives? To develop a strong foothold in a market, expand into a foreign country or get back on a vibrant growth track… To thrive in today’s constantly changing world, companies must quickly adapt and transform. Your challenges are unique and require a strategy that is specifically adapted to your needs.


Gaining market shares or penetrating new markets, integrating a new business unit or ensuring a successful merger, maintaining a certain level of growth over the medium or long term… these growth challenges are all at the heart of smart business strategies. But sometimes the right skill sets are not readily available to handle all these important projects. We have therefore developed a proven-effective solution! Expert guidance at every stage of your development as well as hands-on operational support from a senior-level interim executive.


Whether you need to streamline your processes, rethink the way certain functions operate within your organization or maintain business as usual in the wake of an unexpected executive resignation, you may want to consider interim management to support and guide you. It’s an efficient HR and operational solution that is guaranteed to boost your performance. The fresh insights from both your Valtus Partner and your interim professional will help you to better understand your business and more effectively overcome your challenges. Our operational expert’s leadership style will inspire your teams to stay focused on your real priorities and more effectively reach your goals!

International expansion

In today’s globalized business world, setting up foreign offices and taking over foreign subsidiaries have become common activities. But these crucial moments are still rather tricky for most companies. Whatever your international ambitions may be, Valtus can provide the impetus you need to get there more efficiently. Our senior partners will guide you every step of the way, and our experienced interim executive managers, specialized in the specific area you’ve targeted, will ensure effective hands-on operational support to reach your goals worldwide.


In a world where everything is accelerating, corporate transformations have become necessary to keep up with the many technological, societal, economic and environmental changes. This necessity is also an excellent opportunity to adopt innovative managerial practices, develop new cultural benchmarks, make the most of new technologies and boost agility.
Leveraging our interim management solution will give you fresh insight to your organization and business strategy. It will empower you with the operational expertise that can channel your resources toward higher performance and greater levels of success!

Crisis management & restructuring

Restructuring your organization, bringing a new executive officer on board, renegotiating debts and setting up job protection plans are all critical, complex steps in the life of any company, and they require strong leadership from a credible expert to ensure success. These are exceptional circumstances in which an experienced interim manager can make all the difference! At times like this, when every minute counts, it makes sense to leverage the support of a seasoned Valtus Partner, who has mastered the ins and outs of restructuring, and an interim manager, who has successfully implemented decisive actions that ensure optimal outcomes time and time again.


Successfully completing a leveraged buy-out or carve out, anticipating post-merger integration, implementing synergies… Mergers and acquisitions require specific expertise and negotiating skills. Valtus supports you in both the pre-deal and post-deal phases, by selecting a seasoned M&A expert.

The executive you need

CEO, CFO, COO, CHRO, CIO… For all the executive committee positions, Valtus is committed to finding just the right interim professional for you. The one best suited to your corporate culture and your specific needs.

These high-level executives have held top management positions in various organizations (large groups, mid-caps, SMEs, etc.). Used to managing complex situations, they are experts in identifying strategic priorities, defining the target organization and ensuring the most effective operational implementation.

Each specializing in different executive functions, our Talent Consultants carefully analyse the skills and personalities of all our executive interim managers. Therefore, you can be assured of receiving proposals for executive profiles that meet your exact requirements.

In your specific industry

Thanks to the diversity and complementarity of their careers, our Partners quickly understand the challenges of your industry in general and your company in particular. Manufacturing, construction, distribution, luxury goods, services and consulting… Whatever your expertise may be, we will provide the right solution, perfectly adapted to your goals and your organization.

Valtus, European leader in executive interim management: a choice of excellence

Valtus, Europe’s leading executive interim management, is the choice of companies that are aware of the significance of the challenges they face and seek the most effective managerial solution to address their issues. A Valtus Partner with executive experience who understands the challenges you face will support the interim manager throughout the assignment.

Valtus identifies the most suitable interim manager among 15,000 selected executives to meet your challenges. Through our processes and proven methodology to deliver the best results, we support you in your transformation to achieve your objectives and ensure the sustainability of your business.

Steps to carry out your interim management project:


Initial assessment with a proposed action plan


Implementing phase of the recommended solutions


Transfer of expertise and know-how


« Delighted with Valtus' service: professional - efficient - responsive. » 
Fabrice Revert  / COO, Quadpack 
« In HR, Valtus truly offers profiles that match the needs and are flexible enough to be available quickly and adjust to the project’s demands. » 
Guillaume Jarlot  / France HR Director, MSD
« With Valtus, we have built a relationship of trust and collaboration. » 
Catherine Kerrével  / Partnership Director, La Banque Postale Assurances 
« The interim manager really instilled a genuine collective spirit of conquest among all his teams. »
Guillaume Faures  / Heavy Truck Division Managing Director, Autodistribution 
«There is a true monitoring of the assignment by the Partner, who is always ready to step in and provide support. Managers are aware that they can receive assistance or even coaching if needed. » 
Bruno de Scorbiac  / Founding Partner, Imocom Partners