To cope with the increasingly intense global competition, manufacturers are having to make drastic changes. Ensuring extra high performance and a clear competitive edge have become the keys to success, just as new challenges such as ever-changing technological developments, the shift over to digital and the energy efficiency imperative are immerging and becoming essential.

Do you suddenly need to replace your head of operations while at the same time implementing a new industrial tool? Are you looking for a top-notch Supply Chain Director to improve your production lines’ efficiency and output? Do you need a smart Plant Manager to handle a crisis at one of your foreign facilities? An interim manager can be the best solution for ensuring operational efficiency at times when every minute counts.

From automobiles to aeronautics, chemicals to pharmaceuticals, defense to metalworking, energy, agri-food, textile and more! Our interim professionals have extensive experience in all of these industries and are prepared to help you make the most of today’s opportunities.

Industry facts & figures

There are more than

2 million

manufacturing companies in the EU.

In the EU, manufacturing employs

29.4 million


Manufacturing accounts for


of the EU’s business economy.

The role of executive interim managers within the industry sector

Valtus vous accompagne

Interim executives’ expertise finds valuable application in medium-sized industrial companies, mid-caps and large groups, enabling us to deliver tangible and instantly operational solutions to our clients. Executive interim manager can address a wide range of challenges, including:

Turning around of a local or foreign plant
Restoring production units’ performance
Improving the reliability and optimization of operational processes
Project to restore an industrial site’s financial stability
Post-merger integration of a production site
Implementing a production cost reduction plan
Opening or closing of an industrial site
Implementation of a job safeguard plan

The Valtus Partners,
by your side through transformation.

Thanks to their vast experience in guiding major transformation projects and their cross-industry expertise, the Valtus Partners are genuine business transformation experts. By your side every step of the way, they will ensure your relationship with our interim manager is one built on trust, which paves the path to successful outcomes for all your projects.