Growth & hypergrowth

Growing your business more quickly

Do you want to speed up the growth of your business?
Conquer a new market, carry out a merger-acquisition operation, manage hypergrowth…
Valtus can support you with an operational management solution to meet your needs as quickly as possible and grow your business.

your business

Your business is expanding and you’re looking for support to help boost its growth. But you don’t always have the resources needed to launch these strategic projects.

Whether you’re seeking to maintain control over your hypergrowth, to expand internationally or to pursue an external growth opportunity, you must first stay focused on the essentials: the operational aspects.

With Valtus, you can call on an expert in interim management and opt for a fully operational managerial solution!

Address your company’s challenges with executive interim management

Choose Valtus and benefit from personalized managerial expertise perfectly tailored to your specific needs!

enjeux de votre entreprise

Growth challenges
for your business

  • Launch of a new product or service
  • Creating a new business activity
  • Entering a new market
  • Buyout
  • Merger and acquisition
  • Hypergrowth

In hypergrowth situations, the focus lies in structuring and securing operations to maintain a high level of growth securely:

  • Strengthening of the organizational structure
  • Managing associated impacts
  • Business scope transformation
  • Emergency situation management

Strategic planning and sound financial management, appropriate resource reinforcement and effective execution are essential to ensure the success of a growth project.

Valtus supports all your growth projects

Whatever your project, our partner analyses your requirements and offers you a solution adapted to your needs. He then shares his brief with our Managers’ Department, that will identify in just a few days the best manager for your growth project.

At each stage of the assignment, the partner ensures that the established objectives are met. He maintains a constant link between the interim manager and you. This relationship based on trust ensures the success of your project.