Chief Transformation Officer – PMO

Transformation Director – or Chief Transformation Officer – is a relatively new function that has recently joined the ranks of many executive committees. S/he guides the company through technological, structural, functional and other major changes. More and more companies are finding that interim managers are a very efficient operational solution for this role.

Our interim professionals are visionaries and experts who are used to leading teams through cross-functional transformation projects to allow the other teams to focus on their priorities and evolve at their own pace. These are top-level managers who specialize in transformation. They are immediately available and easily adaptable.

Transformation Director background and skills

You have solid expertise in industrial, commercial, logistics, IT/digital, human and/or financial transformations.

You have led transformation programs, from the preliminary study phase through to the definition of strategy, action plans and their implementation in organizations undergoing major change.

As the guarantor of project performance, you are experienced in the various project management methods or hold a PMO diploma. You have coordinated operational management and driven change within impacted teams, with the help of internal and external stakeholders on a global scale.

Strengths of an executive interim PMO

  • Dual experience: in a consulting firm and within an SME or large group 
  • Autonomous responsibility for multiple and complex projects, spanning various professions/functions/countries
  • Change management expertise
  • Cross-border, cross-functional and/or hierarchical management

You demonstrate agility, persuasive power, and conviction. Structured and organized, you are also capable of interacting with stakeholders at all levels.

Our assignements

6 to 12 months assignments



In France or abroad

managers de transition expérimentés

Using executive interim management to manage transformation

Business restart, performance restoration, regulatory or technological disruptions, market loss, deteriorated social indicators, launch of a new product/service, change in business model, etc. Do you need to overhaul your business but lack either the necessary in-house talent or the availability thereof to ensure success? A specialized executive interim manager can focus entirely on your company’s transformation.

An assignment with Valtus

The right solution for your specific needs

Your Valtus Partner will identify your challenges and draw up a set of requirements to suggest a Chief Transformation Officer who aligns with your needs.

During the assignment

The PMO you choose to work with will start by assessing your company’s specific situation and recommend a step-by-step action plan which he will then implement. Ongoing updates with the Valtus Partner and the executive interim occur throughout the assignment.

Concluding the assignment

The interim manager, along with the Valtus Partner, will present a final report, which will include his recommended next steps. He will prepare the files to be handed over to the person who might be taking over his role. We will request your feedback and invite you to take part in our client satisfaction survey.

Témoignages d’experts de la transformation

"Changing from within, from the inside, is difficult if not nearly impossible. You need someone to help you see it through. Hence the importance of executive interim management."
Pauline Leré