Banking & Insurance

The traditional world of banking, finance and insurance is undergoing profound change. The advent of the digital age, new regulations and new customer demands are forcing the key players to rethink their business models and operations to create new value.

Amidst the upheavals and unexpected challenges, on which your future depends, an interim manager can be a reliable and efficient solution.

Are you looking for an experienced CIO to overhaul your information system or a CDO to integrate new connected uses for your customers and convert them into growth opportunities? Our interim managers have a solid background in your industry and the skills you need to upgrade your systems. They have helped many businesses like yours get up to speed, from investment banks to insurance companies, retirement funds to investment funds, FinTechs to holding companies, brokerage firms and more.

Banking and insurance industry facts & figures

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banks operating in the EU.

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Every day, insurers in Europe pay out

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The role of executive interim managers in banking & insurance

Valtus vous accompagne

Investment banks, insurance companies, savings banks, insurance brokerage firms… Our executive interim managers have in-depth expertise, enabling them to effectively address challenges currently faced by banking and insurance companies. An executive interim can work on a variety of projects in a broad range of contexts. For instance:

Revamping of information systems 
Risk management optimization
Ensuring regulatory compliance 
Implementation or redesign of online underwriting processes 
Introduction of innovative online services 
Financial performance improvement
Strengthening cybersecurity 
Development of new banking or insurance offerings

The Valtus Partners,
by your side through transformation.

Thanks to their vast experience in guiding major transformation projects and their cross-industry expertise, the Valtus Partners are genuine business transformation experts. By your side every step of the way, they will ensure your relationship with our executive interim manager is built on trust, which paves the path to successful outcomes for all your projects.