Legal Director

In many companies today, the legal function is acting more and more like the Board of Directors’ strategic business partner. To cope with the challenges of a transformation, many Boards are leveraging the valuable resources of an executive interim manager to handle their due diligence or IPO, set up regulations or harmonize their data protection practices.

The need for legal experts is steadily increasing, in every business sector. Specialists in Digital Law, Chief Compliance Officers, Legal Directors in charge of managing new risks – the sought-after profiles are numerous. Executive interim management addresses the legal profession’s requirements for adaptability and responsiveness.

Legal Director background and skills

Your extensive legal knowledge enables you to steer the strategic interests of organizations and inform stakeholders about the potential risks linked to various activities.

You have substantial expertise in corporrate law, employment law, business law, contract law and taxation.

You have encountered challenges related to designing the legal framework within various scenarios. You’ve successfully overseen the legal aspects of large-scale projects such as M&A operations, compliance initiatives, establishment of new entities, etc.

Strengths of an executive interim Legal Director

  • Exceptional technical skills  
  • Solving complex legal issues 
  • Conducting high-stakes financial negotiations
  • Strong commitment to confidentiality 
  • Contract and litigation management 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills 

You have strong interpersonal abilities, teaching skills and a talent for effective negotiation. Additionally, you are acknowledged for for your ability to summarize and your proficiency in writing.

Our assignments

6 to 12 months assignments



In France or abroad

managers de transition expérimentés

Using executive interim management within a Legal Department

Does your company need to align with the latest EU directives? Do you want to speed up the digitization of your Legal Department? Do you need to make sure a current or upcoming partnership agreement is legally sound? An executive interim Legal Director offers fast, effective operational support.

An assignment with Valtus

The right solution for your specific needs

Your Valtus Partner will identify your challenges and draw up a set of requirements to suggest a Legal Director who aligns with your needs.

During the assignment

The Legal Director you choose to work with will start by assessing your company’s specific situation and recommend a step-by-step action plan which he will then implement. Ongoing updates with the Valtus Partner and the executive interim occur throughout the assignment.

Concluding the assignment

The interim manager, along with the Valtus Partner, will present a final report, which will include his recommended next steps. He will prepare the files to be handed over to the person who might be taking over his role. We will request your feedback and invite you to take part in our client satisfaction survey.

Legal Director testimonials

"I've been involved in some interesting and varied M&A projects."
Isabelle Doll 
"I found great value in the wide range of covered topics and appreciated the CEO's guidance in implementing recommendations and overseeing management to be beneficial. "
Christophe Fihue