Human Resources (HR) Director

Today’s HR Directors must be much more than just great managers, they need to be genuine business partners and visionaries in order to guide their company’s transformation and ensure optimal performance on every level. They must give clear meaning to the development of your teams’ skill sets and work methods.

HR Director, Employee Relations Director, Compensation & Benefits Director… Our HR experts skillfully steer projects where they need to go, like genuine partners, dedicated to adding value to talent capital.

Human Resources Director background and skills

You have solid and senior experience in managing an HR department in an industrial or service-orientated company undergoing a transformation.

You are familiar with all aspects of the role and/or have expertise in HR development, labour-management relations, implementation of new processes (HRIS, etc.), establishing of a shared services center, etc.

You have managed mergers/acquisitions involving cultural change support, optimized organizations in sometimes complex contexts (matrix environments, etc.), and have been able to structure an HR department to make it a genuine business partner.

Strengths of an executive interim HR Director

  • Good knowledge of labour legislation 
  • Experience of optimizing organizations 
  • Project-orientated
  • Ability to manage teams using both hierarchical and cross-functional approaches
  • Ability to participate in defining and implementing a strategy 
  • Experience in matrix and international environments 
  • Negotiation skills


With regards to your hands-on disposition, you find satisfaction in actively contributing to the success of a project. You demonstrate agility, persuasive strength, and conviction. Your approach is systematic and well-organized, allowing you to engage effectively with people across various hierarchies

Our assignments

6 to 12 months assignments



In France or abroad

Using executive interim management within an HR Department

Do you want to integrate a new business unit and need an HR Director who knows the phamaceutical industry like the back of his hand? Does your company need to reorganize before recruiting new talent so you’re looking for an experienced HRD who is familiar with the international arena? Is it time to boost your HR function’s performance level? Are you implementing an HRIS and need to make sure it’s seamless? Would it help your strategic workforce planning to have a digital-savvy HR Director? We definitely have just the right expert for you in our community of executive interim professionals.

An assignment with Valtus

The right solution for your specific needs

Your Valtus Partner will identify your challenges and draw up a set of requirements to suggest an HR Director who aligns with your needs.

During the assignment

The Human Resources Director you choose to work with will start by assessing your company’s specific situation and recommend a step-by-step action plan which he will then implement. Ongoing updates with the Valtus Partner and the executive interim occur throughout the assignment.

Concluding the assignment

The interim manager, along with the Valtus Partner, will present a final report, which will include his recommended next steps. He will prepare the files to be handed over to the person who might be taking over his role. We will request your feedback and invite you to take part in our client satisfaction survey.

Témoignages de DRH de transition

My role is to provide a decisive impulse at a given moment, in a very specific context, to break a deadlock.
Leïla Mechaï 
I enjoyed the challenge of finding HR solutions in a complex environment.
Alain Lecompte 
The topics addressed fell precisely within the range of the assignments I’m interested in.
Jérôme Davenas