Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Managing Director

Getting ready for a merger, preparing to divest, taking over a company through a court order, putting a company on the right track after an LBO… these are all strategic moves that may require the leadership of an interim Chief Executive.

At Valtus, the CEO is an important function and represents a considerable number of our assignments. Our interim executives have worked in many different industries and contexts. They are all well versed in both the strategic and operational aspects of this key role, in all types of companies.

Managing Director background and skills

We are looking for seasoned CEOs to serve our clients within the industrial and service sectors.

We are open to considering CEOs who have successfully led sensitive transformation projects: turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions, sales, liquidations and/or developments, repositionings with an investment fund shareholder.

With a background in operations or finance, you have a thorough understanding of the intricacies involved in these shifts and can drive the organizational, industrial and commercial changes needed to steer the company towards stability or growth.

With a strong familiarity with the performance and reporting requirements of investment funds, you can demonstrate successful experience in this field, in an area ranging from €20m to €300m turnover.

Strengths of an executive interim Managing Director

  • Proficiency in handling crisis protocols
  • Leadership 
  • Charismatic presence
  • Resilience in high-stress situations
  • Sense of prioritization 
  • Decision-making capabilities

Charismatic, with an operational mindset, you also have excellent summarization skills and a strong aptitude for high-level verbal and written communication.

Our assignments

6 to 12 months assignments



In France or abroad

Chairmanship and general management: using executive interim management

Are you looking for a Managing Director specialized in your specific industry? Do you need a CEO who can effectively ensure a social mandate and set your business on a winning course? Would you like to have an experienced executive officer who has already led an LBO or a takeover? These are just a few examples of the kind of assignments the Valtus interim professionals can handle for you.

An assignment with Valtus

The right solution for your specific needs

Your Valtus Partner will identify your challenges and draw up a set of requirements to suggest a Managing Director who aligns with your needs.

During the assignment

The CEO you choose to work with will start by assessing your company’s specific situation and recommend a step-by-step action plan which he will then implement. Ongoing updates with the Valtus Partner and the executive interim occur throughout the assignment.

Concluding the assignment

The interim manager, along with the Valtus Partner, will present a final report, which will include his recommended next steps. He will prepare the files to be handed over to the person who might be taking over his role. We will request your feedback and invite you to take part in our client satisfaction survey.

Témoignages de DG de transition

Quickly grasping often complex situations within tight deadlines while taking immediate action from day one is very stimulating!
Régine Leroy 
I derive my satisfaction at Valtus from the engaging nature of the assignments and the valuable support provided to interim executives by the Partners.
Régis Pichonneau 
Executive interim management enables us to establish the necessary groundwork, encompassing time, resources, and mindset, to pave the way for successful transformation.
Pauline Leré