Transportation & logistics

The Transportation and Logistics business is booming. It plays a key role in companies’ ability to compete in today’s international markets. To cope with the globalization of trade and the advent of e-commerce, companies like yours are having to adapt and improve both in terms of services and performance.

From HR to new technologies, environmental awareness to economic efficiency, your challenges are complex and manifold. Support from an interim manager can facilitate or accelerate the roll-out of your strategy and the implementation of your time-sensitive projects.

Whether you specialize in cargo or public transportation, by land, air or sea, our interim professionals will know exactly how to adapt their experience and skills to meet your specific needs. Having already carried out similar assignments in your industry, they have a clear understanding of both the precise details that make or break your competitive edge, and the bigger picture. They provide an efficient way to ensure your success.

Transportation and logistics facts & figures

In the EU, the transportation and storage sector accounts for


of the overall number of enterprises.

The Transportation and storage sector employs


of the total workforce within the EU.

Transportation and storage accounts for


of EU’s business economy.

The role of executive interim managers in transportation and logistics

Valtus vous accompagne

Whether you’re a freight forwarder, an urban distribution specialist or a warehousing company, relying on a skilled, flexible and fully operational interim executive can be invaluable during critical junctures. Our executive interim managers are ready tackle a diverse array of challenges, such as:

Improving supply chain efficiency
Opening of a new warehouse facility
S&OP process optimization
Minimizing carbon footprint linked to the transportation of goods
Optimizing distribution costs
Relocating or shutting down a logistics site
Managing an ERP or WMS change project
Reducing internal social tensions

The Valtus Partners, by your side through transformation.

Thanks to their vast experience in guiding major transformation projects and their cross-industry expertise, the Valtus Partners are genuine business transformation experts. By your side every step of the way, they will ensure your relationship with our interim manager is one built on trust, which paves the path to successful outcomes for all your projects.