Our commitments

Our Manifesto

We unleash human magic to help people and businesses reach their full potential.

Our approach and way of working enables us to forge a unique relationship with our clients, our executive interim managers and our teams.

We are convinced that

Companies can unleash human magic by leading great teams towards one purpose.​
Experienced people will bring new ideas and energy to a company.​
Interim Management offers a bright future for experienced people.​
Executive Interim Management is an accelerator.​
Together we are stronger.​

We are passionate about

Connecting people, experiences and differences.​
The work we do, contributing to the success of people and businesses.​
Performance, finding lasting business solutions for clients.​
Investing in relationships with clients and executives, which is a source of pride for us.​
Finding exciting opportunities for the best Interim Managers.​

Nos engagements

We are committed to

Providing the most suitable opportunities for our Interim Managers.​
Finding highly relevant solutions helping companies to succeed.​
Drive added value in everything we do.​
Deliver solutions at a speed that exceeds clients’ expectations.​
To promote behaviors that drive sustainability.

Our Values


Our CSR approach

Because we are keen to create a positive social and environmental impact, we are increasing our efforts in implementing initiatives likely to improve our CSR performance.

Our challenges

Strengthening our CSR policy

Working more responsibly by reducing our carbon emissions and recycling our waste

Promoting diversity, equal opportunities, and the development of employee skills

Ensuring well-being and health in the workplace

Valtus earns EcoVadis Platinum medal

Label EcoVadis Valtus

In 2023, Valtus earned the Platinium medal. This is a recognition of all of our CSR efforts. Our CSR policy addresses 21 criteria organized around 4 themes: Environnement / Labor and Human Rights / Ethics / Sustainable procurement

EcoVadis is a global solution for rating companies’ social and environmental performance, based on a methodology aligned with international standards. The highest EcoVadis distinction, the Platinium medal, rewards the top 1% of companies that outperform their competitors.

Our commitments to diversity and inclusion

Valtus’ growing commitment to D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) was demonstrated by signing the Diversity Charter in late 2021 and the LGBT+ Charter of the Other Circle in February 2022.

Valtus is committed to fighting discrimination, promoting equal opportunities, and implementing inclusive management.

Valtus is dedicated to fostering an inclusive work environment, facilitating seamless integration of LGBT+ individuals in the workplace.

Valtus Foundation: a pathway for the future of young graduates
The very essence of Valtus’ business allows us to be fully aware of issues related to professional integration and employability. Thus, with the Valtus Foundation, a solidary initiative created in 2016, we are dedicated to supporting young graduates in their search for their first job. Open to all types of professional projects, the Foundation offers a tailor-made program of personal and group coaching.


classes per year

1,5 months


6 to 8

young graduates per class


mentors (coach and sponsor)

"I believe that transformation must serve the new paradigms that every business leader now must consider, in particular the energy transition and the integration of climate concerns: it's a matter of responsibility and commitment to ensure the sustainability of their business model."
Pauline Leré / Managing Director
“During an assignment within a company with 500 employees and facing bankruptcy, everyone believed that massive layoffs were necessary. By working with the teams and hiring the right talents, we succeeded in preserving 460 out of the 500 jobs."
Gilles Chevènement / Managing Director
“We’re moving towards an increasingly green economy with a genuine awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Previously, it was primarily about communication, but today there is a genuine willingness to take action.”
Patricia Cazier / CFO